Wordsearch generator

Create your own wordsearch for free

Wordsearch generator

With this wordsearch generator you can easily create your own wordsearch riddles. The wordsearch riddles are ready to print within a few moments. The generator is for free. You will receive your wordsearch as a pdf file, which is designed ready to print.

You can also browse through our wordsearch database.

Create wordsearches for free

Create your own wordsearch

  • Geneator for free

    You can use the wordsearch generaotr for free and create your own wordsearch riddles.

  • Print wordsearch riddle

    The wordsearch is created as a pdf file, so that you can easily print it or download it.

  • Solution included

    You can find the solution to your wordsearch on the second page of the pdf file.

  • Easy to use

    Simply enter a headline, a job description and your desired words and the wordsearch will be created.

  • Quick creation

    The creation of your own wordsearch only takes a few mouse-clicks and saves you a lot of time.

  • Find variety in our database

    Our database contains a large variety of already created wordsearch riddles.

Use our Wordsearch-database

You can find already created wordsearches in our riddle-database.

Wordsearches and their usage

Wordsearches and their usage

Wordsearches are riddles that contain hidden words within randomly distributed letters. The goal is to search the hidden words within the letters. This is where the name wordsearch comes from.

With our generator you can easily create your own wordsearch with your own choice of words.

Wordsearches as educational element

Wordsearches are often used to train the reading and writing competencies of children. Through searching for the hidden words children are able to improve their reading competency. At the same time, wordsearches have a game character, so it's fun for children.

This is why wordsearches are a suitable element for education.

Wordsearches as educational element
Created wordsearches
Wordsearches in database
Quick and easy creation of your own wordsearch.

Quick and easy creation of your own wordsearch.

With our wordsearch generator, the creation of your individual wordsearch riddles takes only a few mouseclicks. Simply enter the desired words to be hidden in the field on the top. The algorithm will then spread the words and characters randomly across the letter-grid.

Enter headline and job instruction

Enter words with a certain topic

PDF file creation for free

Download and print wordsearch

I.e. use the worksheet during a class

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a wordsearch riddle?

Wordsearches are riddles that are well suitable for young and old people. Secret words are hidden inside a grid of randomly arranged letters. The goal is to find those words.

What are wordsearches used for?

Wordsearches are used for education and generally as a fun riddle for young and old.

How can the wordsearch generator be used?

You can type in your individually chosen words, that you want to hide in the wordsearch. Additionally you can write an instruction as well. The wordsearch generator will then use these information to create your individual wordsearch.

Is the wordsearch generator for free?

The wordsearch generator is completely for free. You can create your own wordsearch, save it in the data base and print it for free.

Create now you own wordsearch

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